woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Coalesce - OXEP 12"

The Omega Order are now accepting pre-orders for the 12" vinyl version of "OXEP" by Coalesce, the continuation and completion of their "Ox" album which was released earlier this year. For those of you unfamiliar with one of Midwest's most shattering and heavy outfits around (still!), you can stream the entire album right here. There was a time that they formed the Holy Trinity of C's, along with Cave In and Converge as leaders in the whole mathrock/metal thing, but then they went on a 10 year hiatus. I must say, I had no expectations at all for "Ox", but after finally seeing them live in Europe, these new tracks managed to blow my mind and still manage to accompany me at least once a week on my drive home. Given the fact that I mostly have a headache after work, that says alot.

Anyway, what we have here is the follow-up to that album, and according to the band OXEP contains: "5 new original coalesce songs. There are 7 tracks, but 1 and 7 are a percussive intro and outro. These songs are not cuts that didn’t make ox. We wrote and recorded these songs specifically for an ep release after ox was already done and delivered to Relapse for production. We continued our americana theme and expanded them on these songs, therefore wanted them to be considered part of the 2009 ox sessions". Check out their myspace for one new track from the "OXEP" sessions.

As usual, no direct pre-ordering from Relapse yet, but you can send your money to The Omega Order to reserve your copy of the vinyl edition. I personally don't have any experience in ordering from them, but they seem to be a huge, well-run distro. I myself, am hoping that these 12"s will also go online from the band directly, so I can get that OXEP Engraved Folding Knife as well.

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Krumbled Kookie zei

Just to throw my two cents in on the Omega Order - they're fantastic. I order from them quite a bit, and things are always packed securely, and they don't overcharge on shipping. Priority shipping, with them, is really cheap as a matter of fact.

These Seans zei

relapse never does vinyl pre-orers, they put them up whenever they get them in! but man am I stoked on this. and i agree, ha, i would totally buy that knife too.