donderdag 15 oktober 2009

Akron/Family - River 7"

Dead Oceans are taking pre-orders for a new 7" by one of the most groundbreaking acts out there: Akron/Family. This new single is called "River", and you'll never know what track it has on it?! So, besides this song that was already featured on their most recent album and that has nothing to do with Bruce Sprinsteen, there is also some new, thus more interesting work. The B-side has the wonderfully named "Morning on Michigan Avenue (Thinking of Old Friends)" song on it, which none of us has ever heard before! Hooray!

This 7" is limited, but Dead Oceans aren't giving pressing information. In my book, everything that is manufactured on scale is limited to some extent, so yeah. But who cares, this is Akron/Family we're talking about, so use today's lunchmoney to pre-order the "River" 7" from Dead Oceans.

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