dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

Forfeit - The Lower Depths LP

Even more hardcore here at Hex? Well, just look at that artwork and you'll get why it caught my attention. Besides that, I must admit that Forfeit was a surpise to me, and a pleasant one as they play heavy mid-tempo hardcore that one can mosh to and also point some fingers to and even sing along to during the melodic vocal parts, reminding of bands like Cold World, Blacklisted, Unholy with a slight clevo twist to it. Check out their myspace to get into the groove.

There are tons of blogs out there who write exclusively about hardcore which are much more fun to read, so I'll just leave it at this and give you guys the heads-up for the pre-order of the vinyl version over at Reaper Records (yeah, run by Patrick Kitzel of Spawn/True Blue). The LP comes on either red or white vinyl, so order now from Reaper Records and show it to your friends.

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