dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Nadja / Kodiak - Split LP

Also up for pre-order from Denovali, but worth a separate entry as I'm thinking of changing the name of this blog to "Hex - the complete works of aidan baker - Vinyl", is a new split release between Nadja and Germany's Kodiak. This 180g LP comes in a gatefold cover, and is limited to 180 copies on clear vinyl with black.bkue splatters and 320 copies on black vinyl.

Nadja needs no explanation. Kodiak are new too me, but judging by the songs which you stream on the pre-order page sound pretty good. Kind of like a slower, heavier version of Earth or so. Nothing too exciting, a bit too repetitive at times but definitely worth following.

If I'm correct, we get 1 new Nadja song here, and 3 Kodiak songs, so for the sake of completing your Nadja collection, pre-order this little gem as well from Denovali. I'm not a big fan of the colorways on this LP myself, so I'll wait until I come across a pyhiscal copy of this split to see it broad daylught before I actually purchase this. Too expensive too buy everything Nadja related, it sickens me.

PS: No, I do not get endorsed by Denovali. Neither by Nadja. I should though, haha.

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