dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

New Latitudes LP's - Gowns "Broken Bones" LP and Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Mitleid Lady" LP update

The latest installment in the Latitudes series has just been released, being the "Broken Bones" LP by Gowns. I've seen their name around but have never heard anything by them before. Apparently Gowns are a folk/noise band consisting of Erika Anderson (Amps For Christ) and Ezra Buchla (The Mae Shi), which sounds promising. The "Broken Bones" comes on a limited edition of 1000 LP's in house bags, with 700 copies on black and 300 on green vinyl.

The Bohren & Der Club Of Gore Latitudes contribution called "Mitleid Lady" is now also available directly from Southern, with the same pressing as the Gowns LP. Order both from Southern

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