dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Russian Circles - Geneva 2xLP Pre-orders

Here it is at last. Sargent House put the pre-orders up for the "Geneva" 2xLP by Russian Circles. It comes on 180g vinyl and one can chose between either black or clear vinyl. There's also a pre-order bundle available with an exclusive t-shirt designed by Ryan Patterson (from Coliseum, The National Acrobat, Black Cross and a million other Louisville,KY bands) which will set you back $40 in total.

I've been waiting a long time on this record, not only because I adored their 2 previous albums, but also because Brian Cook (of Botch) joined them as fulltime member, and last but not least because "Geneva" was produced by Brandon Curtis, yeah, the same Brandon Curtis from The Secret Machines, who also plays some piano on here. Pre-order now from Russian Circles

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