dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

The Devil's Blood - The Time Of No Time Evermore 2xLP

I've been meaning to post about this 2xLP version of "The Time Of No Time Evermore" by The Devil's Blood for a while now, but I didn't bother to order from the label directly as they only had a pre-order version available for €49,99. To get the CD and a patch with the pre-order package doesn't justify that price, so I sat on it. Now, you can order the deluxe gatefold 2xLP from Burning World Records for only €24. Much better. Not sure if any US distros are carrying this yet though.

The Devil's Blood flirt with 70’s occult rock of bands like Black Widow, Coven and Black Sabbath or nowadays Witchcraft, made by artists who already served their time in bands such as Malkovich and Powervice. If reliving the 70s is your thing, get yours from Burning World

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

From what I can see, its the regular version BW has and not the "die hard":

GM zei

True. But worth the $25 though?

Luka zei

here is the regular version for 19 euros