dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

Shadow of the Torturer LP - Marching Into Chaos LP

Read this over at the almighty HSJ site, a much darker place for all your metal, doom and downright freaky needs: up for pre-order from Blind Date Records is the Shadow of the Torturer LP called "Marching Into Chaos" and boyee is this heavy. Apparently this is an already defunct band compromised of members of Yob, Aldebaran and H.C.Minds. What we get here are 5 songs of sloooow, epic doom metal and although the tracks on their myspace lack somewhat in recording quality, they still sound heavier and scarier than about 79% of the rest of your collection.

Pre-order this LP from Blind Date and I would hurry up as there are only 100 copies on white vinyl and 200 copies on black vinyl. Once again, thanks a lot to HSJ for introducing me to this band and now that this is finished, let's have The Great Cessation on vinyl please!

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