woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Young Governor - Hidden Love 12"

Released sometime this summer is the Young Governor "Hidden Love" 12" and I only found out about this record yesterday. So much for checking this blog to discover new releases, hey? But, I figured it's still worth a small mention, as Young Governor isn't just any another sweet lo-fi band following the steps of Kurt Vile or Jay Reatard. You see, Young Governor is actually Ben Cook's solo project. Some of you might remember him from fronting one of Canada's most popular hardcore acts No Warning, since then, he's been playing in Violent Minds and then ofcourse, anno 2009, the most important reference of all, Fucked Up!

For those of you expecting hard-hitting singalong hardcore anthems might be down in the dumps, for those of you expecting sweet summer melodies ala Jay Reatard, "Hidden Love" will be right up your alley. This 12" is apparently already sold out from the label, but I'm ordering mine from Revelation HQ

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