dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Glaciers - And The Sea Won The Battle LP

Somehow stumbled upon the debut album by Glaciers, entitled "And The Sea Won The Battle" and figured that if I care, so would you perhaps. Now, normally I wouldn't get excited about yét another band on the whole instrumental post-rock trip like Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Red Sparowes and countless others, but they happen to come from a town that I love being San Francisco, and the real bonus here is that Glaciers is a new band featuring members of Outspoken and Kill The Messenger, two bands that I really appreciated back in the good ole days.

So, their debut vinyl-only album (good call) recently went up for sale, and the version you can get from the band directly reeks of love and care as it comes in a silkscreened cover, a belly band with the band's logo letterpressed on it , a wax seal on the back side and this limited edition of 118 copies is handnumbered as well. It's a bit more expensive, but worth the trouble. The regular version comes on light blue vinyl, and is also available from the band or from your favourite recordstore such as RevHq and Interpunk.

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