dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Xenophanes LP & Los Sueños De Un Higado LP

Omar Rodriguez Lopez is another one of those artists who releases new music on such a rapid pace that even Usain Bolt can't keep up with. That doesn't mean that the quality of all this output is equally high all the time though. I think many will agree with me that thusfar true "high points" in his career were "Relationship of Command" and "De-loused In The Comatorium", but honestly, I found "A Manual Dexterity" charming because it was his first solo-effort but after that my attention for the man somehow faded, in parallel with growing The Mars Volta dissapointing discography. Nevertheless, the man is a hero, a legend of sorts even.

So, as announced in some interviews a while back, Omar Rodriguez Lopez is now gearing up to release not 1, not 2, but 3 new studio albums. The first one entitled "Xenophanes" is now up for pre-order, as well as a pre-order for the live album "Los Sueños De Un Higado" which will only be available on vinyl and as download. Pre-order both LPs from the man directly at Rodriguez Lopez Productions

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