woensdag 7 oktober 2009

Edward Ka-Spel - Dream Logik Parts 1-3 + Smoldering Church 5xLP

Up for pre-order for the steep price of $200 is the 4xLP boxset collection of Edward Ka-Spel's "Dream Logik" albums, plus the "Smothering Church" LP which is exclusive to this edition only. This special edition of this 5xLP collection which comes with a 2xCD and a phono-mount sleeve is limited to 15 handnumbered copies. 15 that is.

The regular edition is limited to 400 copies and is the 4xLP also on 180g vinyl "housed in a black hard bound box with embossed silver foil artwork by witchbeam.com and matte oil inner sleeves".

If you have no idea who Edward Ka-Spel is, one might look at some Nurse With Wound inner notes, and he'ss maybe best known for being frontman of The Legendary Pink Dots. Expect electronic weirdness and drones. If that's right up your alley, head over to Beta-Lactam Ring Records and get your copy.

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