woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Boduf Songs - Inviolate Projection, Blood From Rome (Blankets) 10"

I wrote about the Latitudes LP by Boduf Songs a couple of weeks ago, and now I managed to bump into a killer 10" by England's "Ministrel of Misery". What we have here is a one-sided 10" with a 12 minute track of dark singersongwriter doom/drone. That description doesn't make much sense, but just imagine fragile, whispered vocals on top of some creepy eerie drones and minimal acoustic guitar riffs and you'll get the picture.

This 10" comes in a silk-screened sleeve, and comes on black vinyl, with an incredible etching in pearl ink on the B-side. This is a limited, one-time pressing of only 300 copies worldwide, so I suggest you order from Blue Sanct right away.

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