maandag 19 oktober 2009

Taint - All Bees To The Sea 12"

The Welshmen Taint are a sludgemetalforce to be reckoned with and are back with a new 12" called "All Bees To The Sea" - a title that intrigues. What we get here are 4 new tracks plus a full live set taken from their Roadburn appearance in 2008, on limited 12" vinyl. There are 200 copies on transparent yellow vinyl and 300 copies on transparent blue vinyl, that's all folks.

It feels like these guys have come a long way and deserve the support. At first they were just trying, these last few years they're actually creating, and though not new perhaps, it's definitely cool to see a band play with the sound of Led Zeppelin or Jethro Tull and give a modern sludge metal twist to it. If you care, you'll head over to Destructure and order it for only $10, and while over there you'll remember that I posted about that limited Euro version of the Lords "FAYMF" LP that's worth getting as well.

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