vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights 2xLP

"After scrapping two entire full lengths, LB is finally ready to unleash new music to the masses. Taking the lessons of extreme metal, blood-brother marrying them to expansive & explosive song form and applying it to Olympic training methods - "Earthly Delights" uses electric stimulus to shock smile technology to worldwide domes. This is what 2000 years of evolution & the invention of electric instrumentation introduced into the tank of hook force can do to you. This record has the sound of a ten piece band with a much tighter pay scale, matched with the sonics of military cartoons"
The release date is set at October 13. "Earthly Delights" comes on 2xLP, with an etching on the D side. Load Records isn't taking pre-orders yet, but you can already reserve a copy over at http://sakistore.net/

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