vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

The Devil's Blood - I'll Be Your Ghost 12"

Released last week by Vàn Records out of Germany, Holland's best kept secret The Devil's Blood! Think old 70’s occult rock of bands like Black Widow, Coven and Black Sabbath or nowadays Witchcraft, made by artists who already served their time in bands such as Malkovich and Powervice.

Here's what the label has to say: "Taken from the upcoming album "The Time of No Time Evermore", out on Ván Records the 11th of September, the song "I'll Be Your Ghost" deals with insane worship and desperate, obsessive love and will serve as the multitude's first taste of the album. As a B side The Devil's Blood returned to The Void Studios again to record a rehearsal and from that recording the song "Voodoo Dust" was chosen. In a 12 minute version this song, originally released on last year's "Come, Reap" EP, is a very raw and unrefined version of the song, chosen for emotion and gusto rather then for perfect execution, and will give it a new face for some."

Order for 9,99€ at van-gbr.de/ and while over there you might as well get your hands on the Urfaust - "IX: Einsiedler" LP on white vinyl, you won't be dissappointed!

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