woensdag 19 augustus 2009

Lou Barlow - Goodnight Unknown LP

On October 5th, Domino will release Lou Barlow’s new album, Goodnight Unknown. In the 4 years after his previous album "Emoh", Lou Barlow has reunited with Dinosaur Jr. and reissued three of Sebadoh’s classic albums - and obviously toured extensively with both.

Domino comments: "Borrowing the live-band energy of Dinosaur Jr. and the stylistic reach of Sebadoh, Barlow has built on "Emoh"’s full production and written a set of immediate, melodic pop songs that Lou describes as, “a cross between my later work with Folk Implosion and my earlier work with Sebadoh…to my ears, anyway.”

Get "Goodnight Unknown" as a pre-order for only GBP7,99 from Domino Records

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