vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

Bad Secrets - Bad Secrets 9"

This little gem was released last week by the mighty fine folks over at Robotic Empire and will sell fast: "Dark, weird and generally hypnotic jams from this improv duo. Conceived, recorded and mixed over three weekends in late 2007, Bad Secrets is comprised of Evan Patterson (Young Widows, Breather Resist) and Dan Davis (Kodan Armada)...

Throughout all this, Bad Secrets successfully channels the energy & southern soul of blues, the mesmerizing spirit of shoegazer & psychedelia, and the harsher "dropped-out-of-life" elements of desert rock.Seven varied songs (none over 3:30 long) are crammed onto this 9" sized record on colored vinyl, which comes with an accompanying CD of the same tunes all housed in a silk-screened jacket hand-made by the band members themselves."

This first press is limited to 1000 copies overall, the pressing info is as follows:
* 200 of "evil eye" (red / white mix with 1 black "planet" insert)
* 200 of "pie chart" (tri-blend split of three different pinks)
* 600 of "metallic red" (custom "metallic" pinkish-red color)

Get your copy of this sweet looking 9" at http://www.roboticempire.com/

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