donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Nadja / Black Boned Angel - Split LP

Back to the metal. Or sort of. This is a release I'm definitely spending my money on: the collaboration between Nadja and Black Boned Angel. Nadja are in my book similar to Boris, meaning that it's quite impossible to own all their records because they seem to release something every month. Black Boned Angel is also known under his other monniker Birchville Cat Motel. These 2 drone/metal soloplayers actually collaborated before on the one-sided Christ Send Light LP (which is still available from Conspiracy by the way), and as far as I've understood, this is more material from these recording sessions. To top things off, the artwork is also a collaboration between two heavyweights; David D’Andrea and Stephen Kasner.

20 Buck Spin don't have the LP available online, but you can order yours from Insound

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