donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Polvo - In Prism 2xLP

Polvo were/are a seminal noise-rock band in the 90's, with a sound similar to Drive Like Jehu and nowadays Les Savy Fav. Asked to reunite for last year's ATP festival, they apparently had so much fun that they decided to record a whole new record. I for one can't wait to hear "In Prism" - and the fine folks at Pitchfork already put a new song online for our listening pleasure.

Merge comments: "In Prism is the best Polvo record even before you get to the majestic "A Link in the Chain," serene and tempestuous like few other things you'll hear. The album was recorded with Brian Paulson, and Polvo has never sounded better. Polvo spent 1990–98 giving voice to a chorus of discrete rock & roll ideas that really hadn't been heard before. While there was nothing wrong before, it's now so much more right—perhaps because after ten years, after other bands and and their tours and records and worries (if they had any), none of the peripheral stuff matters anymore." --- Mike Wolf, NYC, 6/09
No pressing information, but the release date has been set at 8 September so just go ahead and pre-order the 2xLP for $22,98 at

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You can also check out a benefit show that Polvo did last year at CyTunes - a volunteer built and run website in memory of Cy Rawls. This is a show that Polvo did as a fundraiser for Cy - all proceeds go to cancer research.