donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Naked Raygun - Understand? LP and Jettison LP re-issues

Naked Raygun were a post-punk band from Chicago, emerging somewhere in the early 80's and had more in common with Hüsker Du or Gang Of Four than with let's say The Ramones. I found about this band from the "File 03" EP by The Hope Conspiracy when they covered "Treason", and the Big Black fans out there, know that 2 of these guys also played in that band.
Quarterstick re-issued their entire catalog a few years ago on CD, and now Haunted Town Records took the time to re-release 2 of their albums. "Jettison" is commonly considered their masterpiece, I've honestly never listened to "Understand?", but the cover also doesn't really invite me to do so. Either way, Naked Raygun definitely deserve the re-issue attention.

Understand?" LP
All original tracks remastered, includes a Government Issue cover as a bonus.
Limited to 1050 copies (handnumbered) on the following colors:
250 solid Purple
350 solid Yellow
450 clear Red

"Jettison" LP
All original tracks remastered w/ deleted Jettison track as a bonus.
Limited to 1350 copies (handnumbered) on the following colors:
350 solid Orange
450 Clear/Black
550 clear Pink
Available for pre-order from Haunted Town, shipping date is August 21.

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