vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

16 Horsepower - Secret South LP

I started to appreciate 16 Horsepower with retroactive effect. Initially I couldn't care less about this Lord Loving band around David Eugene Edwards, but all of sudden Woven Hand started making more and more sense to me. And thanks to "Consider The Birds" and "Mosaic" I actually managed to sometimes forget about the religious content and just appreciate it for the brilliant music. Anyway, everyone knows 16 Horsepower preceded Woven Hand, and Alternative Tentacles has now decided to re-release their amazing and hard-to-find "Secret South".

From AT: "As rural gothic goes, one cannot do much better than David Eugene Edwards and company, with their use of acoustic old-time instruments mixed with the impassioned vocals and fire-and-brimstone lyrics (excepting a cover of Dylan’s “Nobody ’Cept You”). On this, their 3rd studio record, Sixteen Horsepower's palette is exclusively composed of banjos and accordions, gothic portent and religious foreboding. They still sound like William Faulkner's prose rendered as music, as if they belong less in modern music venues and more on a Civil War battlefield, perhaps struggling to be heard through the lifting smoke and screams of the wounded at Antietam."

Additional to the 180g LP, you also get a DVD with surround-sound mix of the album by producer Bob Ferbrache (Blood Axis, Soul Merchants). Available for pre-order for a mere $14 at http://www.alternativetentacles.com/

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