donderdag 27 augustus 2009

Switchblade - s/t

Sweden's Switchblade are back! I had no idea these guys were working on a new album, even more that it's already finished. For now, they're only taking CD pre-orders due 09/09/09 (nifty!), so if that's your thing, go for it. However, patient folks like us, will just wait for the LP version to surface, but in the meantime can already listen to the entire beast online on their site

These 3 new songs seem to mark the natural progression Switchblade have been making. Whilst at first more into the whole Isis/Neurosis/Amenra vibe, these guys gradually slowed down more & more, becoming much more doom, without forgetting the monumental build-ups and punishing vocals. I'll definitely keep you posted about a possible LP release - Trust No One are ususally always a few months later with the vinyl, but in the meantime, pre-order the CD from Trust No One

Switchblade & Kongh are touring early September by the way, check out for more info.

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vinyl will be out on denovali records ( in october/november