donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Mission Of Burma - The Sound The Speed The Light LP

As probably thousands others, I got acquainted with Mission Of Burma through Moby's cover of "That's when I reach for my revolver". After picking up "Signals, Calls and Marches" and "Vs."only a few years ago, it began to dawn on me that these guys have left a major impression on many of the "groundbreaking" bands on the nineties, yet somehow never got their moment of glory.

Mission Of Burma reunited a few years ago, I think their last output was called "Obliterati" or something, and now they're back with a new album. Here's what Matador has to say:

"The new album sounds far more spacious and dynamic. It is more or less divided into 4 sets or suites of 3 songs. Each suite explores a set of moods or colors, across the usual dizzying array of lyrical topics, from alcoholism to fleshly concerns. The anthemic, catchy opener, our first MP3, is a classic Burma rocker on a level with “This Is Not A Photograph” or “That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate.” Other tracks, such as “Feed,” “Forget Yourself,” and “Slow Faucet,” the latter a live favorite for some time, are slow, hypnotic builders. “Good Cheer” is a burst of almost uncontainable joy and fun that literally explodes from the speakers.Of course, all the Burma trademarks are also present: the military snare drum, the melodic basslines high up on the neck, and the furiously experimental guitarwork, refracted and changed back into the songs via tape loops – all punctuated by the hoarse shouts of drummer Peter Prescott. This controlled chaos, this disciplined letting go, is the heart of what they do and it remains as exhilarating and fulfilling as ever."
For $18 you can pre-order the "The Sound The Speed The Light" LP from They also have pre-orders up for new Yo La Tengo 2xLP but I don't care enough to dedicate a full entry on them, as well a 7" pre-order for Kurt Vile - who remains an unkown to me at this point.

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