donderdag 27 augustus 2009

The Twilight Sad - Forget The Night Ahead 2xLP

"TheForget the Night Ahead", the new full-length by Scotland's The Twilight Sad is now up for pre-order. The new album "retains the guitar-washed drama of their previous effort, w/ an added complexity both sonic & thematic. Tremelo'd guitar creates seismic shifts between melancholic introspection & explosive release, the cacophony broadening to accommodate the band's most melodic & yet most thrillingly discordant moments to date" according to FatCat.
That doesn't say very much now does it? Well, I'll fill you in. First of all, James Graham sings with a wondeful Scottisch accent (reminding of labelmates Frightened Rabbit) and his lyrics are as dark as dark can be, whereas the musical blend of postrock and shoegaze is mesmerizing. Oh yeah, they already did a fullscale tour with Mogwai, so that's not too bad now is it?
It's also good to see that they've finally come up with a new theme for their artwork because the debut album and consequent 7"s all looked so bad I didn't bother getting them on vinyl. If this new record is as good as their previous effort "Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters", then it'll definitely be worth pre-ordering from Insound

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