dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Troum - Eald-Ge-Streon 2xLP

Troum are an ambient-drone duo from Germany, who were active before in the influental ambient industrial group Maëror Tri. You know the deal, drones, feedback, the odd melody thrown in, pretty great stuff!
This 2xLP edition packaged in a full color book bound gatefold sleeve with design, layout and artwork by Stephen O'Malley. All copies from the label directly will be on colored vinyl and limited to 400 copies. Available November 18, but already up for pre-order.

Here's what the label has to say: "Welcome to the Thunderdome. Troum’s bone-cracking reverberations respirate with such ferocity that all non-Troum molecules are blown away. Eald-Ge-Streon is a massive, rising beauty. It is a great becoming, and we are nothing but an ant in the afterbirth. Troum has set its controls beyond the heart of the Sunn. The pulsating inferno of these 7 drone concertos may require an insurance adjuster, but what a lovely way to burn. It is in your nature to do one thing correctly. Before Troum, you rightly tremble. But fear is not what you owe Troum. You owe Troum awe!"
Get your copy for $25 Right Here

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