woensdag 19 augustus 2009

Refused legacy: AC4 - s/t LP and Final Exit - Discography 2xLP

Two new upcoming releases, both featuring Dennis Lyxzén & David Sandström of Refused fame, thé, and I repeat, thé number one Swedish hardcore band - for that matter, maybe even number one European band, crossing every boundary they could their Magnum Opus "The Shape Of Punk To Come". So, after Refused disbanded, the members went their different ways. Most visible was Dennis in The International Noise Conspiracy. I also remember an album on Simba Records, I think it was David Sandström solo, just his voice and piano which was beautiful, but can't seem to find it in my shelves, nor find any information on it, so any help is welcome. Anyway:

AC4 - s/t LP
Not much news about this, just that it's the 2 aforemenioned guys with their new outfit called AC4. From what I've heard, they're hereby returing to their hardcore roots with pretty uptempo stuff and anthemic lyrics. You can pre-order the self-titled LP by emailing the label over at Ny Vag

Final Exit - Discography 2xLP + DVD
Didn't really expect this to come out on vinyl, but hey well, why not? And when you read the press comment it sounds pretty exciting: "This is a monument representing the storm that swept in over Sweden, Scandinavia, the world during the time era of the 90's. The music & anger, the brotherhood and the fun was for real and still is. Veganism, riot, straight edge, hardcore...
This release is in the works and be available later this autumn. Full discography on vinyl, gatefold. With poster and a dvd with Final Exit in motion."
For those of you unfamiliar with Final Exit, they played fast raging hardcore and were one of the founding bands of the Umea hardcore movement, featuring members who later went on to form band such as Refused and Abhinanda. Pre-order this discography 2xLP + DVD + poster for only €16,7 over at Monument HQ/

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