vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

Caspian - Tertia 2xLP

Here's the first reader submission! Justin informed me that Joel and Lindsay from Mylene Sheath are now taking pre-orders for "Tertia", the new album by Caspian. The few songs that I heard online remind me of Red Sparowes or Growing, with the long soundscapes, monumental build-ups and whatnot. Solid!

Several LP versions are available, such as 180gr, transparent pilsner and opaque maroon. The jacket is a 5mm spine, 350gsm jacket, with a matte varnish and gold foil stamping galore. Two 300gsm jacket stock inner sleeves, covered in artwork, slide into the jacket to hold the LP's. To top it all off a huge 11" by 11" twelve page booklet is included, which collects a literary interpretation of the album by Jon Bennet and full color photography by Andrew Weiss and others. Deluxe! All vinyl orders will ship with a free download coupon as well.

Seems like they're putting a lot of effort into this so the outcome will be high-quality. Get yours for $25 from Mylene Sheath

Oh yeah, Caspian are touring Europe for about 2 months straight in September & October, so for those who care, check out the tourdates on their myspace

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