vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

HEALTH - Get Color LP

"Get Color" is without doubt one of my absolute most anticipated records of the year, and the pre-orders have started today! For those of you unfamiliar with HEALTH, their debut album reminded me of a mix between Battles, Liars and Boredoms. Up next was a remix album dubbed DISCO - yes, they're one of the few bands who may use capital letters. Last year they toured with Nine Inch Nails. Need I say more? Well, apparently "Get Color" will sound a bit more like NIN and even My Bloody Valentine! Be excited! Be be excited!

Head over to the Love Pump Unlimited store at lpu.bigcartel.com/ , whip out your credit card and pay the $40 without even flinching. Wow, $40 you say? Yeah, but in return you get the LP on clear vinyl limited to 500 copies, a T-shirt limited to this pre-order, a totebag, some pins, an 11"x17"poster, a bumper sticker and while they were at it, there's also a download key made available a month before the release. Wait, the official release date is set at September 8, so...download...available...now. It's like Crazy Christmas at HEALTH camp. Be excited! Be be excited!

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