dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

of Montreal - 5 LP Reissues

Of Montreal are sadly one of those bands who somehow managed to dissappoint me more & more with each new record they release. Fortunately enough, the people from Polyvinyl are making all their old records available again on LP. You can either buy their first 5 records all separately to comlete your personal collection, or you buy them as a bundle together with James Husband's debut album "A Parallax I" (featuring of Montreal members).

The seperate LP's which all come on heavy 180g vinyl by the way, are only $12 each, except the "Coquelicot Asleep In The Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse", which is a 2xLP and costs $16. The package comes at $60, so basically you get one of the records for free if you do so. More info and pre-orders are up at Polyvinyl

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