vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

Kaospilot - Shadows LP

Norway's Kaospilot never let down, neither does Magic Bullet. I honestly didn't even know these guys were still around, their last record on Level Plane dates back to what, 2003? 2004? I won't pretend that I've listened to them in years, but the 2 new songs on their Myspace sound amazing. In my opinion you can drop all references to "screamo", and replace them by "epic". "Shadows" sounds heavy, slow, precise and atmospheric. Sure, it still hints at screamo, but they've updated their sound, probably not in the least thanks to the recording effort by some guy called Carl Vikman - who also recorded Switchblade, Nine, etc. Kaospilot have returned with a massive album and although a bit below the radar, "Shadows" is sure to end up in several "hardcore albums of the year" lists.

Mad props to Magic Bullet for releasing this on a variety of crazy colours, order at Magic Bullet and be smart enough to scroll down a bit a notice that they also have a 180gr LP available from the newest album by The Paper Chase.

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