dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye LP

I think the vinyl of this album has been floating around for a couple of weeks now, but it just now caught my eye. Originally released on vinyl only by Cyclopean Records, with a limited run of 777 copies, Iron Age's sophomore effort "The Sleeping Eye" was properly released last week by Tee Pee Records. For those unfamiliar with Iron Age, expect a mix of Clevo HC bands like Ringworm and Integrity, some Cro-Mags NYHC, some High On Fire and the trash of Municipal Waste or so. For someone like me who barely manages to listen to hardcore anymore, "The Sleeping Eye" is definitely an eye-opener that there's still some kick-ass bands out there. Order over at http://www.teepeerecords.com/

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