vrijdag 20 november 2009

MK Ultra - Discography 2xLP

So what if this was already released in August and they're onto their 2nd pressing already, I unfortunately don't own this album yet, and I'm sure some of you don't either. In the spotlight today is the discography 2xLP by MK Ultra on Youth Attack Records. One of the harshest, most raging, most politically outspoken trash hardcore bands ever, this discography spans the entire lifetime of the band from 1993 until their demise in 2000.Included are both their "Stick Figure" and "Melt" EP's, their splits with other greats such as Los Crudos and Seein Red, the demo tape and some compilation tracks. If you like that Los Crudos namedropping, how about the fact that they even shared a member? Or that members of MK Ultra went on to play in Nachtmystium, Sick/Tired and many others.

This discography 2xLP comes in a gatefold sleeve and "a thick, high-quality 24 page booklet jam-packed with all their various artwork, flyers, lyrics, ephemera, and tons of out of control live photos". Also included is a download code for the 2xLP, plus a live performance. The copies that are still available from Youth Attack are the black vinyl ones, limited to 170 copies. The 2nd pressing is limited to 500 copies in total, the other 330 are on white vinyl and all gone.

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