vrijdag 6 november 2009

John Duncan - The Nazca Transmissions LP

Must be the weather, because I'm seriously into drones today. This new release really caught my attention, not only because it's by experimental legend John Duncan - who's also collaborated with Aidan Baker and did one of those Melvins remixes - but just check out his inspiration for this album:

On Christmas Eve, 2004, John Duncan received a mysterious email from an archaeologist working at the site of the Nazca Lines in Peru. He claimed to have discovered, and over time recorded, a variety of sounds actually generated by the enigmatic lines themselves. Familiar with Duncan’s “Infrasound-Tidal”, composed from source recordings taken from tides, seismic activity and barometric data from the Australian coastline, he suggested to Duncan the composition of a piece with these sources. All of the sources were modified in the studio of John Duncan, some radically, to bring out an unsettling, haunting quality. In mid-June 2005, the glorious 5-track piece was finally ready. John Duncan sent several messages to the archaeologist, none of them ever answered or returned. A hard disk crash effectively destroyed all of the email correspondence between them. What remains are the notes he sent that ostensibly describe the details of sites and times for the source recordings. Those notes have been reproduced on the insert included in this edition, also presenting John Duncan liner notes.

Intriguing or what? "The Nazca Transmissions" vinyl is limited 380 copies, with embossed total-black cover, insert and full-color inner sleeve with space images of the Nazca Lines. Order it from Drone Records in Europe, or from Fusetron in the US. Expensive but worth it.

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