vrijdag 6 november 2009

V/A Clone - Play Slow . Die Fast Volume II LP

The 2nd installment in the Clone Series is upon us, which is a compilation of bands playing a cover of one of their old hardcore, punk, metal or rock favorites. On this 2nd Volume, it looks something like this: *Moloch - lighnting strikes twice (Rorschach)*On Pain of Death - troops of doom (Sepultura)*Golden Gorilla - absentee debate (Unbroken)*Aguirre - like weeds (His Hero is Gone) *Loss - the fog (Goatlord)*Thou - well fed fuck (Born Against) *Shadow of the Torturer - judgement of the dead (Pagan Altar) *Hey Colossus - institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies). Something for everyone I guess, and for only $12€ you can't really go wrong with this.

The Clone "Play Slow . Die Fast" Volume 2 LP is limited to 400 copieson 185g black vinyl and 200 copies on 190g blue vinyl. All records come in an embossed cover with stamped oval diecut, a full colored 12" sized inlay and a 12-paged 9"-sized booklet with info on every contributing band. Order this now from Blind Date Records, and if you still haven't ordered Shadow of the Torturer "March into Chaos" LP from them, I advise you to order the 2 as a package and save some cash!

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