vrijdag 6 november 2009

Mountainhood - The River/The Road - 7"

Important Records just released a new 7" by Mountainhood called "The River / The Road". Check that artwork, it moves! Crrrazy! This 7" is actually called "Part 2 in the Larger Multivisorial Dreamsaga Called: The Light", but that's kind of hard to remember, right? What to expect from Mountainhood? Pretty hard to describe really, this is some obscure, dark avant-folk that goes all over the place. Important tried it as following: "Somewhere in the realm of the Holy Modal Rounders, Tower Recordings, Diane Cluck & Daniel Johnston".

"The Road" 7" is limited to 300 copies, all with handmade covers by Michael Curtis of Mountainhood himself, available from Important. Also, Mountainhood recently released a one-sided LP called "Death Pod" limited to 320 copies on Blackest Rainbow which you might like to order as well.

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