donderdag 5 november 2009

Keelhaul - LP Reissues

Conspiracy Records are about to re-issue the first 3 Keelhaul albums just in time for their upcoming European Tour with Isis & Circle. If you read what I write over here, you know how much I adore Keelhaul, and in fact, for some strange reason I don't own their "Subject To Change Without Notice" album on vinyl, so now is the time!

The "bad" news is these re-issues are pressed on picture disc, so we'll have to wait and see/hear how good the audio quality will be, but I must admit, they look crazy. On the picture discs are pictures taken by Prutpuss for his alternative nude zine "Poupy Whoopy", and honestly, nipples and vinyl are always a golden combination. These LPs are limited to 300 copies each, and Conspiracy will only have 50 copies for sale directly, the rest of the LPs will be sold during their European tour, so wishlist from Conspiracy to reserve your copy - either seperately, or the 3xLP bundle.
I'll upload some better pictures once I have the LPs.

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