vrijdag 13 november 2009

Pollution - Nasty DNA LP

Pollution are a raw hardcore outfit featuring members of Unearthly Trance. Their debut album entitled "Nasty.DNA" was previously only available on CDr format, but Feast Of Tentacles stepped up and released this ugly sucker on vinyl as well. Pollution are a harsh, raw, dissonant hardcore outfit with some AmRep influences who remind me of classics such as Born Against and Rorscach. If you like your hardcore clean and buff, this won't do the trick for you.

Order this in the UK for £9 postpaid, in Europe for £12 postpaid or £15 postpaid for the rest of the world by paypalling to feastoftentacles@hotmail.com. While you're at it, they're also still taking pre-orders for the upcoming Thou / Mohoram Atta 12" which you might want as well.

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