donderdag 12 november 2009

Oxbow - Songs For The French LP

Update: the Oxbow "Songs for the French" limited tour edition vinyl 12" is now available through Chel's list. Here's what Chel - the man behind the cow - has to say:

"The Jacket for this LP is what they call "old style" in that it's a single tip-on and non gatefold. However, this is the creme de la creme of tour edition vinyl. The mono chromatic, chic artwork/design on the jacket and insert was done by Aaron Turner. 3 different colors of vinyl were pressed. Black, Gray Marble (marbre gris), and Brown Marble (marbre brun) This album is currently only available in this vinyl format.
"One 12" will set you back $15, if you'd like all 3 colour ways, be nice to Chel and he'll hook you up for only $40. Ordering information at

Original post:
Oxbow are gearing up to cross the Great Pond, and will have a limited edition tour-only 12" version with them of "Songs For the French", featuring 3 new tracks on the A side and on the B side 4 live tracks from oxbow's 2008 European tour. Get this 12" at one of the upcoming shows as listed here

A regular LP release should follow somewhere this winter on Hydrahead. I'm thinking the HH version will look something like this:

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