woensdag 20 januari 2010

Mamiffer - Hirror Enniffer LP

Alright, here we have it. Back for good. Busy buying a house. Saving my job. Trying to sign bands on the label. Keeping the girl. But especially, not getting my ass fired. Desperate times call for desperate salesmen.

And the first post of the new year, of the new era goes to... Mamiffer. With the risk of sounding redundant or maybe even an aaron turner-lover, I must confess that I somehow own a record or two with his name somewhere in the credits. But, even though he did play a role in "Hirror Enniffer", this band is much more the alter ego of the driving forces behind Everlovely Lightningheart, notably on Turner's label Hydrahead. This debut album was released somewhere in the spring of 2009 I think, but it wasn't until this winter that it started to make sense to me. Epic doomy passages with a melodic, some might call it soft twist. Yeah, there's piano in here, but let's keep in mind that not 1, not 2, but 3 members of (the unfortunately now defunct) These Arms Are Snakes contribute on this album as well, so Pitchfork's statement of dubbing this "Tori Amos went mute and post-metal" is just a bit too far-fetched for me.

Either way, "Hirror Enniffer" is an album you'll want on vinyl. And it's popping in stores all over the globe. I'm getting mine from Conspiracy, US visitors should check Chel's list or Vacation Vinyl. Oh yeah, for those who care, pressing of 300 copies, 200 on clear vinyl, 100 copies on smokey clear vinyl.

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Krumbled Kookie zei

Glad to see you're back. Great first post, too - so happy to finally see this available on vinyl.

Though I feel obliged to point out that in the title of the post, you spelled it wrong - you used two M's instead of two F's.

And there's nothing wrong, I don't think, with being an Aaron Turner-lover. He consistently puts out good music, with his bands and on his label.

GM zei

Cheers for your reaction and for pointing it out to me. double Ms and Fs, I always get it wrong.

Thanks for not giving up on me, I'll be back with more, more and more release news!


オテモヤン zei